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AGSU (Army Green Service Uniform)

The Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU) was released in 2019 and will be phased in gradually until 2028. The uniform itself was inspired by the nearly identical uniforms worn by our heroic WWII soldiers and will be worn daily. This uniform utilizes all existing metal badges and full color patches, however newly designed insignia will be required.

The AGSU is worn with a garrison cap, with the beret and service cap being optional. A green all-weather trench coat is issued with the uniform, but there are also 3 optional jackets: a green tanker jacket, a brown leather bomber jacket, and an “Ike” jacket modeled after the jacket worn by Eisenhower in WWII.

Vanguard Industries has been closely involved with the development of the new AGSU and was instrumental in the finish used for the buckles and cap devices. You can find the selection of our high-quality AGSU Insignia items below.

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